The Fence is IN

This Sunday it was pouring rain complete with outrageous thunder and lightening.  I drove through it to the property.  Nothing was going to stop me … I had to see the FENCE!

As I pulled onto the road the property is on and was passing my eastern neighbor, approaching my property line … there it was. MY FENCE!  Fence post after fence post of fence. On & On & ON!

It was sooooooooo beautiful as I drove by it, a post at a time. A little more of the land had been cleared inside the fence, and branches of trees here and there had been trimmed to not hang over the fence.  I could see through the fence to the forest of oaks, palmetto palms and pine trees inside.

And it was soothing somehow. It marked MY land. It was a beautiful demarcation point. On the road side was the world, on the inside was MY world.  A fence to protect me from the world AND to protect the world from me LOL!!

I parked and got out of the car started admiring the new view.  Note this all happened as the downpour continued … I didn’t care.  Let it rain, I have a fence!!! It was not like I needed to worry about how my hair looked … heehee!

The rain finally ceased for a little bit so I got to ooo & aweeee and shout out big ol’ WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOs as I walked the entire fence from the SE corner to the SW Corner to the NW corner.  I slowly admired each post and the no-climb wire fencing.  No-climb means the wire squares are 4″ tall and 2″ wide and too small to get a toe in to climb over it.  It is 5′ tall with a row of barbed wire at the top.  They left a little more pole at top in case I wanted to add any more barbed wire or electric wire later.

As I walked around the perimeter I noted that you couldn’t see through the forest trees into the property.  Exactly the privacy I wanted … trees all still intact with plenty of privacy between the asphalt street on the south side and the limestone street on the west side and my dwelling, gardens, etc. more towards the NE corner of the property.

I opened the single 16′ gate closer to the NW corner that leads to the winding path that ends up at the dwelling area, my winding woods path.  I was in amazement … it opens, it closes … a gate, imagine that!! I know that I sound like a little kid but I was in complete awe of the whole thing!! I wrapped a heavy duty cable attached a lock to that gate. It felt so powerful to be able to click that lock together.  Look, I am perfectly clear that this only keeps honest people and lazy animals from wandering through the land … but that is enough for me!

I have also gotten myself 3 ReoLink Cellular, Solar/Battery operated cameras that I will be placing on the property as the next layer of security.  They are all very cool … motion sensitive, able to detect & distinguish between people, animals & objects (cars, etc.).  There is a phone app that works with it where I will receive alarms & can live-stream or review recordings.  I can also hear the audio on the cameras and there is a speaker on the cameras so I can “talk” to anything/anyone being captured on the camera, More about that in a later post.

Back to the Fence.  It is perfect in every way … led right up to the neighbors fences.  I can’t believe this is the first thing on the property … I had thought in original planning that it would come after the well, septic and electric … but … C’est la vie!  Now I see how perfect it is that it happened this way!  The Universe is full of surprises.  It sounds like, “Oh, how cute little human, I know this is the way you think it is “suppose” to go but, I have a better idea!” 

Let’s give a BIG shout out to Liz & Jason the owners of Guardian Fencing ( ) in Florida.  Liz and Jason were amazing every step of the way AND delivered exactly what they said they would when they said they would … a rarity I am discovering in the world of working with contractors LOL.  So if you are near west central Florida & need a fence … please do yourself a favor and go check them out – you won’t be sorry. No, this is NOT a paid ad, just a very very happy customer!!

As I do every Sunday on the land, I have posted videos on my YouTube Channel from the visit. This week it was clearly ALL about the fence. Feel free to check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

What will this coming week bring? Today, it is Tuesday, as I write this AND the well drilling company is ON the property drilling the well.  Another WhoooooHoooo! The septic permit has been issued so I can schedule that and I am in conversation with the electricians who will come out to inspect property next week in order to get the permit going for an electric pole. The permit for the shipping container for my dwelling and for storage are in final stages of doing drawings to get those permits submitted finally.  Things ARE realllllllly moving now and I am being even more of a kid waiting for Christmas In the meantime … I just continue breathing and creating freedom for myself and wish the same for you!!!




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