Something is Finally Happening

As I was driving towards the property this week I was creating miracles. The drive there is long enough to have quite an in depth conversation with the Universe.  I reviewed the happenings and lack of happenings one at a time with her.  I celebrated the blessing of the property and expressed my gratitude for every moment I have been through since November of last year when I first saw the property.  There have been soooooo many amazing things that have happened each step along the way from seeing it to getting a loan to closing then into beginning to get it livable to now.

And yet, here I was …. being frustrated and disappointed that things were not moving as fast as I wanted and that seemingly small things are taking forever. (NOTE: Small things are things I think should be “easy” to do and get done quickly LOL).  Clearly, I was just being a grumpy little Biatch that needed to let things go and get back to allowing the Universe to just do her work with me on her time not mine.  I needed to remember that she/My HigherSelf always has my back and is infinitely more creative than my brain/My LowerSelf and does things for my best vs. my brain’s insistence that it knows better and forcing square pegs in round holes to prove it.

By the time I was approaching the property I was busy creating miracles for the property.  I turned the corner going towards my street and as I was slowly driving past my neighbor on the east I saw something different on the beginning of my property.  I squinted some (you know that funny things we do as if it helps us see better??) and even rubbed my eyes not sure if I was just making things up.  But as I got to the corner fence of my neighbors property and moved up side by side with my property I saw it was real.  What???? you ask. The land had been cleared between the road and my property line!!!

And what does that mean??? That meant that Jason from Guardian Fencing had been to the property and started working!!! As per my land survey, my property actually starts 25′ from the asphalt road, the 25′ belongs to the country.  In order to put the fence up on the property line Jason needed to clear area on each side of the fence line to do the work and use his trucks. That work had been done!!!  That meant that the fence must be coming soon … HALLELUJAH … a Miracle!!!  Movement had happened!!

I drove slowly down the road on South side of the property admiring the cleared land all along the side.  I got to my corner of the South/West side and as I looked down the limestone street on the West side I could see the clearing running down that side too.  I turned down the limestone street I took pleasure in looking at the clearing, 25′ from the limestone, on that side too.  A beautiful cleared straight line … all the way down to the neighbor’s fence at the the North/West corner.  I can’t explain the excitement I was experiencing after weeks and weeks of seemingly nothing moving.  I finally quit driving back & forth and parked and did a little fence dance that probably would have raised the eyebrows of any one who may have driven by.  Fortunately, no one did.  LOL.

So I loaded up my Gorilla Cart with all my tools and off Gracie and I went on the property, walking slowly (just because the cart is a bit heavy) while skipping in my head.  We headed straight for our little tree area where Gracie and I hide from the sun. 

The day was going to be another hot one.  Before I left the weather app said a 75% chance of rain with thunderstorms from 1 – 4 PM.  I had been relieved. I figured that meant there was at least a good chance that we would have a little rain to break the heat and it would be really overcast. OK, so I was off …. by the time we arrived it had changed to only 15% rain and partly cloudy.  So … my adjustments to the weather report was still way off.  One of my favorite things in the weather reports is that part where it says “Feels Like” … I don’t know where the hell they get that from but I don’t suspect it is from asking someone to step outside and shout back in …. “Yep, it feels like ….” coz it actually felt like about 201 not 101. LOL.

The rest of the day was spent clearing new growth off the pre-cleared paths, so the trucks can see their way through to do work again. I collected trash that people had dumped on the property along edges of property that I could now see because of the clearing. Gracie and I walked around and enjoyed the property.  I even let Birdie, the drone, out to fly around and play some this week.

As I do every Sunday on the land, I have posted videos on my YouTube Channel from the visit. A little action, my thoughts and some Birdie, the drone, flying around this week. Feel free to check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

What will this coming week bring? Still praying for the well to get drilled and the fence will most certainly go through??? The permit for the shipping container for my dwelling and for storage will get submitted finally.  The septic permit has been submitted and may get approved.  I will get the platform I ordered for the rainwater collection tank which will arrive, so I can get it properly installed and tied down. I will have my 2 solar cellular cameras installed on boards so I can place them on the property.  Things ARE moving – not matter what my brain is shouting about.  In the meantime … I keep breathing and creating freedom for myself and wish the same for you!!!



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