Moving at a Snail’s Pace

As the Sundays get hotter and things that need to happen drag out I find myself on the property with more time to just breathe.  It is a blessing when I allow for it.  Today was one of those days that I finally allowed for it.

Everything started with a bang.  Liz and Jason from Guardian Fencing showed up and we got to meet.  I absolutely love being able to meet people in person who have only been a voice on the phone, particularly when they turn out to be delightful people.  There they were … live and in person.  Another great young couple along my adventure. Liz had seen the property but Jason needed to see it to determine the work load. We walked and talked a little as I pointed to where I wanted gates and Jason assessed the work to be done.  Liz was amazing and kept making sure I had all my questions answered.  Jason made suggestions about my gates and we all talked about some other things that could be done later … let’s just get this fence up for now.  Perfect.

In the middle of all of this I got hit with a heat wave.  I have been really good to myself on the property every since that first one hit me several weeks back.  Mostly hiding under trees and drinking tons of water.  I was so excited about talking with Jason and Liz that I forget we were walking around in broad sun and BAM … there it was again.  I spent the last 15 minute of our conversation from a squatting position on the ground.  Gawd, it is so humbling (and dumb, thus even more humbling LOL).  They were very kind and made sure I was OK before they left and after I cooled off I was back to being even more vigilant and the Universe’s way to telling me to just breathe.

As for my little rainwater collection tank … it was a fail. I walked onto the property, expecting to find a tank with some water in it, only to find it had collapsed in place.  So, while it might be great to stand up on a concrete slab and collect runoff from a roof gutter … not so great on open property on the ground by itself.  I obviously need to build a foundation for it and tie it down to stabilize it.  Learn as I go.  It did collect a little water … like maybe a handful … so it will work with proper stability I think.

Besides the slow downs with various contractors and permitting the other thing I have a slight handicap with is not having a truck or something to haul things with.  While the Miata is trying her best to identify as a truck she simply isn’t a truck.  Her lease isn’t up til the end of October and since I am not getting another Mazda (they do not sell their trucks in US) I need to pay the lease out in full. I have 3 more payments.  So I am debating if I go ahead and get the JEEP Gladiator truck I want or just wait, so I don’t end up with double payments. Renting trucks between now and October will probably cost me more than the extra 3 months lease price.  We’ll see.  In the meantime, I cannot get lumber and stuff to the property. Can you begin to see the Universe’s plan to keep me calm and not working myself so hard on the property right now?

So, the remaining of the day on the property today I mostly sat under a group of trees with Gracie and enjoyed the silence mixed with the birds.  I allowed myself to watch the lizards move amongst the leaves and I caught how the sun peeps through and reflects the leaves and pine needles in the trees.  The quiet does my soul good.   Nothing to distract me … I can just be.

I have begun to imagine more and more about what life will look like when I am able to live on the property.  I can imagine waking up in the serenity. I can feel the coolness of the morning … french doors open …. coffee on the deck out front … Grace running around free to play in her fenced in area around the house.  Hearing the multitude of birds and the occasional distant horse and cow sound from a neighbor’s farm or ranch.  I get to be on the calls with my clients in the quiet, as I move seamlessly from indoors to outdoors depending on the time of day … always being able to feel outdoors from the view and open doors, from my living room/ kitchen even when indoors.

I imagine walking the property and tending to the gardens, making sure that each different garden is taken care of and collecting veggies and fruits as they are ready. I can feel the breeze between the trees in the hammock with Gracie as I read.   I hear the music that is always playing loud enough for me to hear but not too loud to drift off the property.  At night I imagine a fire burning in my fire pit and I can see the twinkle of the small lights and the solar lit pathways throughout the property. I hear the sound of various water fountains and water features in various gardens that serve the birds and butterflies.

I get to create and welcome other’s creations as various artists come to visit and/or stay for a while on the property.  The large, central, spiral circle – with a bigger fire pit, welcoming anyone who chooses to collect there to talk, share, tell stories or create together.  A place of common connection where each is honored and can join when they want.

All these thoughts and allowing myself to tap into the sights, sounds and experience reminds me of why I began this in the first place.  Creating a sacred, sovereign space that is safe for me and for others.  Somehow in all the doing that has needed to be done I had drifted away from the original vision.  It had become scheduling and paying for things and hustling to force it all into happening as fast as possible.  I realized, sitting under the trees with Gracie that this was all that was needed … bringing everything back to the vision and the original big dream.  Getting grounded again in what all of this is about and center myself in creating again I could be grateful for the Universe slowing things down to a snail’s pace so that I could remind myself.

This coming week the well SHOULD get in and the company that is testing the land, soil and inspecting in order to put the permit in for the septic system SHOULD be here on Wednesday AM.  The proper requirements SHOULD go from the shipping contain home shell guy to the guy drawing the plans for the dwelling permit. I SHOULD have a final date for the fencing.  Each piece, in it’s time, is still happening.  Now that I have my imagination, that has been kicked back in, to where I am headed I will keep returning to that for now.

As I do every Sunday on the land, I have posted videos on my YouTube Channel from the visit. Not much to se in terms of action but now I realize that is OK too. Feel free to check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

Who knows what will have happened by next week!?!  Certainly not me.  In the meantime … I wish you, as always, as much freedom as possible!!


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