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Fulfilling Dreams doesn’t always look like we think it will!!!

It is time when it is time.  It looks the way it looks. Dream fulfillment is not to be stopped or limited or constrained!!!

65.  What was that suppose to look like?  Who knows!  But, I am clear I am not my Granny at 65. Instead, my 65th year looks like this:
I bought a 10 acre parcel of raw undeveloped land and I have begun the adventure of transforming it into my new home & the home of a collective/community of Artistic Women.

What else does that look like:

  • Wearing clothes that I never imagined wearing … including knee-high boots, safety googles, various gloves, helmets, hats & assorted other forester looking outfits.
  • Wielding tools I never imagined using, some I never even heard of & some which have me vibrating & holding objects that weigh 1/3 of my body weight …. including a chainsaw, brush cutter, loppers, clippers, & a machete.
  • Wandering through Florida landscape being aware enough to spot snakes, insects & poisonous plants.
  • Smiling BIG & humming to myself in the pristine quietness with my 3 1/2 lb furry companion Gracie.

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