A Desire for Independence & Sovereignty

Time to Disconnect in order to Connect

I was born in Florida. I have always had a connection to the Ocean. For the last 12 years I lived right on the ocean … the energy and sound of the waves has been with me, at a core level day in & day out.
As a Personal & Business Coach, I have worked from home for most of the last 25 years, I can literally work anywhere I can have phone service and an internet connection. During the pandemic, I, like many, have created an increased affinity for the quiet & my own ability to be independent in whole new ways.
Over the last few years I have been pulled towards the stories of those who have moved off-grid, homesteaded & created living communities together.   In the magical way the Universe leads me, it is no real surprise that I was led to this land.  I am mesmerized by the peaceful quite of the land mixed with sounds of birds & little creature sounds. As the Florida breezes move through the trees I can hear my own breath sync up with them.  The Ocean?  Well … it is about an hour away … but, I can already hear the sound of the water in the pond I have designed in my head.
It is also no surprise that this has occurred at the same moment in time that I was getting ready to launch my dream passion: We Artistic Women.


Sacred Space for Creative Women

Creating Community for Artistic Women

Back in 2003 I began a non-profit organization for Women Artists.   We had over 500 members of all ages, sizes, colors & artistic experience.  We produced events with poetry slams, musicians, performances & gallery shows while training and supporting the artists. It was magical. Several years later it was time for me to move and we closed the company.  I have never stopped planing how to create the new version of that.

We Artistic Women is that. Designed on-line it is designed to connect, support, champion and help Artistic Women to forward their Art, their Art Careers and the business of their Art and their lives as Artists.  I have worked on it through the pandemic and am ready to soft launch it to a small group of artist to test drive it.  A hard launch to the public will within a couple of months.
On my original game plan was to launch the on-line version, build our tribe and then begin to build a physical location.  Well … as the best laid plans of mice & women … it seems to be happening differently.  I have it that the Universe often says to me, “ahhhhhh, Kym, you cute little human … that is a great idea, BUT … I have a much better idea!”. Her ideas, interestingly enough, have always been sooooooo much more creative and better in the long run than mine.  So I have learned to trust! 
This is the new home, then, not only for me but also for We Artistic Women. Safe, Sacred space where a community of creative women can thrive. Several small pods if someone wants to stay for a while, here in the quiet of nature, and create. A large space for retreats and outdoor gatherings. A large facility where we can create studios, a performance area, and a gathering area.



Off the Grid & Into Nature

I Can Do It & Others Can Help Me & Join Me

I have proven to myself, throughout my life, that I really can do anything I put my mind to. Has it always been “easy” … no … but it has always been simple. And if I bring Joy & Love to it then it happens.
So much to learn.  I thought a brush hog was a type of pig.  It’s not! It is a machine that cuts all the brush & bramble away! I debated about getting multiple extra batteries for a hand held brush cutter (how ridiculous the only lasted an hour!!!) … then discovered the battery outlasted me! I learned that I needed to wear safety gear & watch out for snakes and insects that bite and are poisonious (Ewwwwww … everything in me want to scream like a little girl & run fast has hell!!!)
I knew nothing about getting electricity on the property (just to use while I begin the construction until I get the off-grid system built), or drilling a well, or septic systems, or off-grid solar panels, generators, etc. Hell … I knew nothing about anything this was going to require. Thank Gawd for YouTube, where I have spending ever moment I am not working learning for others who have come to all of this before me and who have been generous enough to share.  I am also so grateful for friends who “know things” & can “do things” and who are offering to show up & help!!! OMG, who would have thunk that I even knew people who knew these things … let alone that they would be willing to help!!!
So here we go … a Sunday at a time …. driving up, clearing a walking path with my tools & Gracie (the 3 1/2 lb Yorkie supervisor).  Off into the woods, in my bizarre forestry clothes (that makes me look like a little boy) with my new tools that clip, chop, buzz & vibrate.
This website & my YouTube channel is here to document the process and allow me to share, with anyone who might be interested … the evolving life of Freedom Acres. If you are here I hope it provides you with some “do this & don’t do that” things to learn, some laughter and MAYBE even some inspiration!  Thanks for being here!!


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