First Well Drilling Fails

It was another rainy Sunday.  I knew it was going to be before I left home.  I even took my raincoat and rain boots with me.  I had to go to the property … I had to see what had been done. 

Last week, on Tuesday, as I was writing my blog post for the prior Sunday, I heard from the well drilling company … they called me at 8 AM … they were on the property and the guy said he wasn’t leaving until the well was drilled.  I was so excited.  On Wednesday AM I called their office to find out the details like how far they had to drill and about how I would get the invoice, etc.  Guess what I found out????? It failed!!! Yep, that’s right.  How does a well drilling fail?????  Seems there are multiple ways … shows what I know.

In the case of this drilling … it seems they went 100′ down and hit something and could not proceed.  What did they hit??? Who knows is the answer.  Could it have been rock they couldn’t drill through  Could it have been a titanic earth plate? Could it have been an advanced technology protecting an ancient Lumurian civilization? Who the heck knows is the answer. LOL  All we know is they had to stop drilling. So what now???

So the company was going to send the guy I originally met on the property, back in May, to inspect the land again and look for a new location to try drilling again.  And how do they do that?  Ahhh-Ha … another great question!!  According to the woman I spoke with at the company he was going to “witch” the property.  I assume that means that he will use a form of dowsing.  I laughed as I have been told and have seen several well drilling companies admit that they do that.  Loren and I had even used dowsing rods on the property to look for alternative locations for more shallow wells for irrigation. I believe in it just like I believe in all forms of energy.  So bring it on … let’s find more water.  Witch onward I say!!

I did have a little panic when I found out that it failed.  I was concerned that I might have to redo the inspection and permitting for the septic system.  I spoke with the guy who did that work and he assured me that all was good …. the permit would hold and the septic company will just need to make sure that no matter where the well is that they need to put the septic at least 75′ away.  Then I panicked about the electric company, who I had an appointment with the following Monday to get started on the electric permit. The electric folks just said to call them when the well was in and we would reschedule. Simple. Whew. No other complications … other than waiting some more. I seem to surrender to the wait a little more each day, however.

I checked back with the woman at the well drilling company on Friday and the guy had indeed been back to the property and she said she would get her guys back out the first part of the next week.

 Bottom line is that Sunday I had to go to the property to see what a failed well drill looked like and where the new location was.  And sure enough, Gracie and I went plowing through the rain to see what everything looked like.  Low and behold, there was the original site with the pipe sticking out of the ground surrounded by yellow clay looking dirt.  For anyone who has never seen one … you haven’t missed a thing. A pipe! Inside just looked like a deep black hole.  LOL.

I started looking around for the new location and saw it, marked by a blue flag.  I had kinda thought that it might be placed more downhill in a south direction but instead it was NW of the original site, closer to the northern neighbor’s fence. I was surprised … and reminded myself know that I don’t know nuthin’ and to keep trusting the Universe. 

Meanwhile, the property is so beautiful in the rain. I love how all the trees look as the rain falls on them and the ground as it gets wet and the smell of the rain mixed with the pine trees.  It all sparkles.  With as much as it has been raining everything is growing so fast and remains so green. I wanted to frolic and play in the rain and then run back into my home and dry off and sit on the deck and watch it.  Oops … that’s right … no house and no deck yet … LOL. 

Gracie and I headed back to the car and it poured harder and harder. I didn’t feel like getting back on the highway in the rain.  No need to do any work today … mission accomplished just to see the well sites.  So, Gracie and I hung out inside and watched the rain for about an hour then headed home.

On my way home from the property I made a surprise-for-me visit by the JEEP dealership to check out the JEEP Gladiators.  I have known since the beginning of this property adventure that my days were numbered with my Miata.  I have loved MIatas for years (As in … this is my 7th one.).  But a truck she is not.  She is made to zip around and have fun in … hauling things, even though she does amazingly well at it, is not her forte.  So after a lot of research and consideration I decided that the JEEP Gladiators were like the best of both worlds.  A truck that can load and haul PLUS be convertible and doorless … how can it get any better than that???  So off to see and test drive I went.  More shall be revealed soon about that 🙂

The other piece of the puzzle to mention for this past week is the permitting for the shipping container I will live in, the shipping container I will use as storage and the site plan for  both.  I did go sit for about an hour with the guy who will be doing the architectural drawings for that permit on Saturday and we talked through it all and he now has everything he needs and I paid him 1/2 the fee to get him started.  He said 3 – 4 week. UGHHHHHH!  Awwwww come on Universe, pleaseeeeeee!?! So hopefully, Nair can help me get him moving faster so I can FINALLY set final delivery dates for those containers.  Closer and closer we come.  There is movement (I keep telling myself LOL).

As I do every Sunday on the land, I have posted videos on my YouTube Channel from the visit. This week there are just weird videos of Gracie and I in the rain, the failed well pipe and the new well location. Feel free to check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

What will this coming week bring? Who even knows????? Not me!! I know what is suppose to happen but, as I have discovered, that may not be what actually happens.  Everything is ready to happen … it is just a matter of when! 




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