Mama Got a New Toy

If you leave me hanging for too long it is a guarantee that I will have something else, that needs to get handled, to focus on and I will shift to it.  That is what happened this past week. While I wait and wait on things to get done on the property with various contractors there is still so much to do and handle. So I dove into the next thing ….

I have known that the Miata doesn’t serve as the right vehicle for my new life since the beginning when it got stuck on a dirt road as I was looking at properties last year.  As I said in my last post, I have been a Miata grrrl every since I remember.  This Miata is my 7th one.  They have been MY car.  The perfect size, the perfect power, the zoom, the freedom of zipping around topless in sun or rain.  I have been in love from first sight.  Out of all the ways I have changed over the years, I have continued to hang onto my Miatas. 

If you have been reading along and/or watching my videos you have seen me organizing every fraction of an inch in the Miata to carry tools back and forth to the property.   I kept pretending she was a truck even though both she and I knew she wasn’t.   She tried to identify as a truck but it just wasn’t her – she needed to zip and zoom!

So this past week it was time to deal with the reality of the situation and get it handled.  I have been allowing myself to do the research for a while now so I knew what needed to happen.  I obviously needed to upgrade to a truck.  But, make no mistake about it … it couldn’t just be any truck coz’ just any truck wouldn’t be me.  I knew which one it was.  I had emailed back and forth with John, a sales guy, and it was now time to go test drive. Note: I had forever been scared of driving big cars, let alone trucks …. I had no idea how this was going to go.

So last Sunday John wasn’t at the dealership and he told me to contact Chelsea.  After I left the property, in the pouring rain, I called Chelsea … she was great …  so I drove to the dealership and got there about an hour 1/2 before they closed. We talked and she siad I needed to drive one. Then the fun began. I climbed up into the cab (and I mean climbed … I am 5’2″ I had to pull myself up by the Granny handle since it didn’t have side boards yet… realllllly??? .,.. facepalm). Chelsea immediately got me on the road.

I was shocked. First … I was up HIGH, really high! It was kinda weird for a moment then it became more fun!  I could actually see down on other drivers after all the years of them peering into my Miatas. It handled, as weird as this sounds, like a BIG Miata, steering was light touch, the width of the cab was compact, it took turns smoothly and handled the road sooooo well!!  OK, I was shocked and yet comfortable.  I was worried about dealing with the length of the bed but it wasn’t a problem somehow.  The can window was in a perfect place to have me be able to have a great perspective.  Must admit, I loved it!

It was closing time so I promised to come back Monday AM.  I took deep breaths all night and meditated on it and kept getting a go ahead from my Higher Self. So it was back to the dealership Monday AM.  Chelsea keep answering questions and I kept asking questions.  They would do a dealer payoff on my Miata (had no idea I could do that with a lease???). Then there was the finance part.  OMG you know how that goes … I am good with that actually. But, the interest rates right now are crazy.  Not time to get a vehicle, unless you really need the vehicle like I did (I was going to need to start renting trucks soon, it had become unmanageable).  Soooooooo, I moved through it all and have a monthly payment that is insane …. and I allowed it and forgave myself instantly LOL.

Several hours later I drove off the property in a new 2023 Jeep Gladiator Sport S.  It was really hard to wave good bye to my Miata, I let her know that I knew she needed a new person who would honor her for her true self and that I loved her and appreciated the 3 years we had spent together.  As I drove off was feeling both crazy and peaceful.  It was another BIG step into my new life … me owning a truck … it is just beyond my comprehension. And she is soooooo prettttttttttty to me!  Even Cool. Not your Daddy’s truck, not a prove-how-manly-you-are truck … a convertible Kym truck. Yep, crazy!

During the week I got her a mat for the bed and a few little accessories and figured out what other real things she needed like a roll up tonneau cover for the bed and some seat covers for when I might get caught in rain, etc. I will get things as I can afford them, property stuff still comes first. I got that Jeep owners are like Miata owners in terms of them being a bit of a “club”.  Generally fun folks, lots of them with the off-road versions, camping, over landing, climbing rocks … fun, crazy adventure folks.  My kind of crazy.

So this past Sunday I loaded up the back seat area of the cab and the bed with the tools … OMG they all fit with tons of room left over. I hopped up into the cab (yep, they installed the side boards for me LOL) and popped Gracie in the passenger seat with her seat belt short leash and we headed off.  Well, first we had to go to the dealership to get the console screen working (I had just turned it off somehow LOL). OK, new owner stupid tricks done … THEN away we went.

The trip was fabulous, being a big Grrrl for a change really worked for me.  She flowed down the road as I got used to her size and weigh.  She drove so nice and I gotta’ say I felt safe in her. As we approached the property I was like a little kid … I had owned the property for almost 7 months and had never been able to drive onto it.

So I got out and opened the gate and took a deep breathe and let out a WHOOHOOO and through the gates and onto the property we went.  She hummed right along, cruising over the sand and bumps like a champ.   Before I knew it I was driving around the storage and garden site and then over to the home site.  OMG, I was driving on my property!  It was sooooooooooo magical!

Gracie and I parked near our little group of trees we hide and set up under and unloaded several things.  No dragging my Gorilla cart, filled with tools, in from the road anymore!  I took out the pallet that I got a month ago for the rainwater collection tank.  I wasn’t able to get it to the property coz’ it didn’t fit in the Miata. I set Gracie up with her water and fan and went about putting the pallet in place with a plexiglass cover.  Then I set the tank on it and tied it down to the pallet with ripcord.  Will it hold? Will the 300th time be the charm?? Who knows! But I had to try LOL.
No other action really happened in the heat … Gracie and I took several drives with the AC blasting and the top off and just hung out drinking water together as I figured out different things about the Jeep.  At some point it started to thunder and it was time to go home.  The trip home was as fabulous as the trip there.  We flew along, up off the ground, topless and singing.  Gracie seemed to enjoy the new space in the Jeep.  She was getting to be a big Grrrl too!

It is time to name her …. so that is the next step … I always seem to take a while to do that.  We shall see who she wants to be.  Usually it just comes to me … not into forcing it … right now I keep hearing Athena being spoken to me … not a name I would have come up with. I went to find out more about her: the grey-eyed Goddess … Goddess of wisdom, arts, skills, strategy, defensive protection and intelligence/brilliance … daughter of Zeus, the beauty in armor … LOL … seems appropriate.  I will keep listening to make sure. Perhaps I can name her Athena and call her Athie for short and I just capitalize on her wisdom????

As I do every Sunday on the land, I have posted videos on my YouTube Channel from the visit. This week there are videos of Gracie and I in the Jeep and views from the Jeep riding around the property and a view of the Jeep … all Jeep, Jeep, Jeep.  But that’s what happens when there is someone new in the family and I am waiting for everything else.  Feel free to check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

What will this coming week bring? I never know The well???? Last week they said Monday, today (Tuesday) they say Thursday … we’ll see.  I know what is suppose to happen but, as I have discovered, that may not be what actually happens.  Everything is ready to happen … it is just a matter of when! Fingers crossed, prayers said … then we wait on humans.  Meanwhile I will keep myself busy coz there is no shortage of things to do and now I have the Jeep to help me! LOL.




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