Progress!!  Everything Gets to Move Again!!

I drove off to the property Sunday … this would be my second trip there in Athie, the Jeep.  This trip I was even more comfortable with her.  By golly, I was getting the hang of this big convertible.  I had upgraded a few things and figured out a lot of the basic bells and whistles, so I got to relax and enjoy the ride.  The best was the new console bed I got for Gracie, the Yorkie wonder dog.  OMG she loved it.  She hopped right in and watched the trip from her perch up high vs sleeping in my lap the whole time.  She even dozed off for parts of the trip and then popped back up again.  I was so tickled that she seemed to like it …. these things are like taking a 50/50 chance.

When we arrived at the property I opened the gates and drove onto the property.  It was such a thrill to do again … I kinda’ doubt that this will ever get old. LOL.  I drove straight through to the area over in the NE corner where the home area is. I figured I would park under the trees and get some work done clearing up the other long windy path to the area.  I was sure had become really overgrown since it has been so long since it was originally cleared and it has been raining like crazy.

I bumped and bounced along over the sand and uneven ground, grinning to myself as Athie handled it so easily.  I pulled into the opening of the cleared area where the house will go.  As I entered the area something caught my eye over to the left. First it was just a unexpected white thing. Then, as I drove a little further, I saw that it was cylindrical. By now I am driving toward it and at some point, I had begun to wonder out loud … “is that my welllllllllllllllllll?”.  As I got closer and closer I saw that indeed it looked like a well pump object sticking out of the ground.

Now, look I don’t know nuthin’ about wells.  I have seen photos of them and watched videos about them but each one looked a little different and I still know nuthin’ about wells.  So, this looked like a well should look.  There it was … in all of it’s glory.  I parked and jumped out of the Jeep and ran over to it.  It had all the makings of an installed well.  Complete with a spigot, foundation and labels filled with specs about it.  OMG. 

Still in dismay I walked over to the failed well area to see if it had changed.  The pipe that extended above the ground had been cut off and they had covered up the area.  Proof, to me, that the job had been fully completed,  Yep, I made that up but it made some kind of logical sense to me.  Then, still needing more validation, I texted the photo of the well to a few friends who I thought would know more than me.  Remember, this was a Sunday afternoon … I am sure that most people I know were not just sitting around waiting from a text from me to help me verify a well. LOL. So knowing it may take a little time to get responses I moved on with my original plan for the day.

That plan was to work on the other original path that was cleared from the SW corner of the property to the NE corner of the property where the home would be.  I had not been down the path for a while and it had sat, untended to, for over four months while tons of rain had poured on it.  I assumed it was probably pretty grown in again by now and it would be quite the chore to re-clear it.  I began at the end of the path where I was, in the NE corner, with my machete and clippers and figured I’d move onto using the brush cutter as I moved.  I cleared a little before it occurred to me that I now had Athie, the Jeep, to help me. Duhhhhhhhhh!

Gracie and I hopped in the Jeep and I took a deep breath and we headed slowly down the path.  Athie was again amazing.  We bumped and bounced down the path just as we did gong back and forth on the other path.  It had gown in some but not as badly as I anticipated. Athie rode over right over the small branches and tall weed bushes.  She hummed through the sandy uneven ground as we followed the winding path.  There were points where the branches overhead had grown across the path and points where the sides had grown making it interesting to see the sides of the path.  We kept going. 

We made it all the way to the fence gate on the SW corner on the limestone road.  Then we turned around and came back. After a few time of going back and forth the Jeep tires had made the path clearer as it road over the tall weeds, and flattened small bushes. WhoooooooooooHoooooooo, Athie proved her agility and power and I no longer worried about the path.  Athie was truly playing the part of Goddess Athena … the beauty in armor.

Athie deserved all the upgrades I had given her this week. Besides the console bed for Gracie, I got her lined with a BedRug to protect the inside of the truck bed and put a heavy rubber mat on top of it for extra protection from all the sharp tools.  I also got her a bed cover that I can roll over the bed to protect her and the contents from rain since we are getting a lot of that here.  All the products get great reviews from other Jeepie people and the guy whose company that did the installs owned both products so I think I did good.  The other upgrade I got for Athie was I got her “freedom” cutout vinyl lettering for the rear of the truck and the front windshield so everyone knows what she is about coming and going. LOL. So she is protected and labeled now.

As usual, I have posted videos of all our activity on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel.  This week there are videos of Gracie in her console bed, me discovering the well, a view of the new truck upgrades and our trip up the windy path to the home area.  Feel free to check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

This upcoming week I get to move everything else forward now that the well is in! I will be able to get the electricians going to get a permit which allows them to get a temporary electric pole on the property and hook up the well (and then everything else that will need alectricity). Then I officially will have a working well and be able to get WATER!  Also, I will get the septic system install scheduled.  The other piece is that guy who is doing the architectural drawings, that are needed to get the permits to have the shipping container home and the shipping contain for storage on the property, will be complete with the drawings.  I can also send those drawings to the company who will do the cement slab for the storage container and piers for the foundation for the shipping container home.  I am making up that things will begin to move faster now.  I welcome you sending any positive energy in my direction that will help that happen! Til next week!!




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