Greenbriar, Cameras & Guessing Games

It was drizzling rain as I pulled out in the Jeep and headed to the property.  Gracie snuggled up in my lap like she always does … ready to take her driving nap.  I didn’t know if I should be excited or not.  Last I heard there MIGHT still be a chance that the residential Shipping container would be delivered.  I had sent a message and was waiting for an answer.  I cooled myself just to manage the disappointment in case it wasn’t going to happen.  Sure enough a message came through about an hour into the drive and Zach at Tankabox had not heard back from the truck driver.  So he and I assumed the delivery would not happen today.  Let the guessing games continue!

When I got to the property the first thing I did was send a rant message to Zach and then figured he would get to the bottom of what had happened. Then I let it go! I was pretty proud of how fast I did that.  I am learning LOL

So now with that not happening I go to move onto my next adventure/task for the day:  installing a motion sensitive security camera.  I had bought three cameras about a year ago (LOL< when I thought I would be moving on the property any minute).  I got one Reolink Go PT Plus and two larger Reolink Go LT Ultras which had some extra features. The one I was working with was the Reolink Go PT Plus as it was the less expensive one and since I still cannot lock all the gates in case I need a contractor to be able to get in. I figured if someone stole it then I would be out of less investment.  Weird way to look at things but … that’s how I did.

I had brought the camera to the property last week but couldn’t get it to connect for the life of me.  I repeated Reolink instructions over and over and sat in the cab of the JEEP playing YouTube videos, by multiple reviewers, that made it all look easy-peasy but NOP, not for me.  So during the week, where I am staying and have WiFi, I went at it determined to figure out what I had done wrong or not done.  It took a few days to realize what it was.  I have a VPN running on my iPhone and that was messing up the connection.  UGH.  Security on my phone or security camera I can connect to remotely on the property??? Choose!! So I opted to turn off my phone VPN. Once I did it connected easily just like it had for all those other folks.  Go figure.

This camera is solar powered and runs off local 4G networks.  I got an EiotClub sim card that would work with AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile service and a Scandisk data card to be able to store videos and photos on.  So no need for WIFI or electricity … exactly what I needed.  This baby does it all … it is motion sensitive and can determine the difference between humans, vehicles and even animals.  It pans in 360 degrees, tilts up and down and had an infrared light for nighttime viewing.  The app connects and then allows you to completely work it remotely … in my case, right now, that is 100 miles away.  The app not only allows you to move it and choose to record it but it also allows for alert notifications that can be set up any way you want it with whatever sensitivity you choose.  The camera has a microphone that will record sound and that you can speak through that will broadcast what you said out the speakers onto the property.  This promises to be a fabulous tool/toy.

So I took my telescoping ladder out of the JEEP bed and placed it up against a tree, that looked like it would get sufficient sun for the solar battery, and still be able to be positioned such that the camera could see everything in the home area.  I had already cut a piece of wood and mounted the camera and solar panel to it so that I could move it whenever I wanted to.

Up it went and it connected to my app and I spent the next chunk of time playing with it and adjusting it.  It worked!!! The images were pretty clear and the pan and tilt worked good even though it was slow to move.  Well ….. slow to me who wants wicked speed always. LOL. It was pretty exciting to use the app and be able to check out the whole home area. Now we just have to see how it works when I am really remote 100 miles away, where I am currently staying. I will spend the week learning how to manage it and adjust it next week if I need to make physical adjustments.

I spent the rest of the day attending to the Greenbriar.  I have really been trying to appreciate them more vs just hating them for choking my trees.  This week I found that they have all kinds of good attributes in addition to the bad ones … just like us LOL.  They are edible to humans and animals … seems they can fry up in a pan and you can add some spices and they taste a lot like asparagus.  Imaging that.  Also the wisdom of the Indigenous peoples used them medicinally for a multitude of things like liver and kidney issues and as a way to help joints.  So, I have more appreciation for them now.  Both a blessing and a curse, I will still keep cutting them down from my trees LOL.  I brought a new machete/sickle with me this week that worked great.  It is a beautiful sharp tool made from hammered steel and makes me feel like I know what I am doing.

I posted videos, on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel, of the REOlink camera installed in the tree, some footage from it while on the property and remotely, my new sickle, and as always my exciting end of the day report with Gracie. Feel free check it all out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

We are moving into the last week of June and the game is still to be living on the property THIS Summer!!  LOL. The TankaBox residential shipping container is supposedly still on it’s way after the trucking company had some new truck issues. There is still nothing to do to expedite the process it seems.  We are just waiting and waiting and guessing.  I am stopped until it arrives so I am spending my time learning more about all the things I want to do when I am able to live on the property. I am investigating things like renting goats to help me clear the property some more and deciding when I will order my Starlink satellite for my Internet service. I just keep praying, chatting with and trusting the Universe.  I keep growing plants where I am living, to take there when it is time and, of course, I keep dreaming about being there!

As always, I send you FREEDOM and LOVE!



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