Waiting Continues in the Heat

Yep, it was predicted to be a scorcher of a day today!  We are in full Summer now in Florida and temperatures above 90 are just the norm.  I am grateful that the property is more north and send my love to all my South Florida brothers & sisters who are still in the middle of the massive flooding that has occurred over the week.  Having lived in S Florida for 16 years I am oh-so-familiar with how quickly the streets flood and how slowly it dissipates … leaving a ton of damage to cars and homes in the process.  I am blessed that the property is NOT in a flood zone and know that it is still Florida and anything can happen no matter what zone you are in. 

I pull up to the property and even though it has rained heavy during the week it is dry and without pools of water.  Blessed, Blessed, Blessed!  Today has no big plans so I drive along the path to visit the property and say hello to everyone there … both the plant and creature people.   Today is a day where I get to just wander around, finding shade to enjoy my wandering under.

I come back around to the home area and entertained myself for a little while with my smallest REOLINK Go Pro Plus solar, motion sensitive camera.  I was hoping to get it set up in a tree so I could capture all the action of the residential shipping container arriving.  I never did get it to connect to my phone so I could monitor with the app.  I finally decided I would take it back home and figure it out where I had better service and some WiFi to test it with.  As soon as I get it working I will share photos and videos from it.

I was caught for a little while looking at the array of dead trees I had on the property.  I would love to be able to get an Arborist to come take a look at them.  I really don’t know yet if it is just the natural lifecycle of a Florida wooded land and what happens over time or if the Greenbriar has escalated the tree damage it, etc.  Once I get on the property I can start removing the dead trees and clear the grounds between trees in the 7 acres that I have not really touched yet other than to remove Greenbriar here and there.  When I can walk the land daily and get to know the tree and plant people I can ask what they need and begin to do my part in helping them heal.

Since today was Father’s day I spent the day thinking about my father, Sam.  Sam was an extraordinary Dad.  He was kind, gentle, caring, committed, loving, creative and with a fabulous sense of humor to add to it all.  He looked at everything from such a beautifully balanced place.  I idolized my Dad.  As a 2nd generation Italian he did not have it easy.  My grandparents came here from Italy when Italians were still slave labor.  My Dad somehow came through his childhood with a sense of gratitude and passed, as best as he could, that and his other beautiful characteristics to me. I still aspire to be 1/2 the human my Dad was.

At one point in time, this Sunday, I pictured Sam sitting back relaxed in one of the Adirondack chairs, his cigar (which he always had) in his hand.  I imagined hi surveying everything in front of him as he smiled and said to me, “Little Darlin’ you have done good!”  I know he would be so proud of me as he always was when he was still here in. physical form. I miss him in physical form but he is always with me.  Today, as I often do, I actually smelled his cigar. It is his way of saying “Hi”!

I posted videos, on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel, of trees as I traveled through the property, a Father’s Day message, and as always my exciting end of the day report with Gracie. Feel free check it all out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

We are continuing to move into later June and the game is still to be living on the property THIS Summer!!  LOL. The TankaBox residential shipping container left Texas last Tuesday and has been parked outside of the Louisiana border since Wednesday waiting for a trucking permit to cross through the state of Louisiana.  There is nothing to do to expedite the process it seems.  We are just waiting and waiting and waiting.  I am stopped until it arrives so I am spending my time learning more about all the things I want to do when I am able to live on the property. I just keep praying, chatting with and trusting the Universe.  I keep growing plants where I am living, to take there when it is time and, of course, I keep dreaming about being there!

As always, I send you FREEDOM and LOVE!



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