The Residential Shipping Container is Really Coming

It was going to be a rainy day but I had some work that had to get done so off Gracie and I went early Sunday morning.  We had to first make a stop at our local big box store (hint: HD).  They were supposed to have delivered some wood, screws and a couple of sawhorses off the day before and did not.  This meant I needed to go pick them up.  The customer service folks were great and they helped me get everything secured in the JEEP and off I went.

So now for some updating before I tell you what I was rushing off to do.  Last week the residential shipping container was stuck outside of Louisiana.  We had dealt with several hang up along the way (including flood & tornadoes in Texas, needing to get permits twice from Louisiana) and we were currently stopped because the delivery truck broke down.  Zack, from Tankabox, had continued to handle each new problem extremely well, even though he was on a big job in Portland.

He gave the delivery company a chance to get the truck repaired and they were to give him updates and new ETA of delivery.  By Wednesday Zack & I had both had it.  He finally got the driver on the phone Thursday and he was still waiting on a part.   Zack and I talked and he was going to resolve it.  Zack flew from Portland, acquired another truck cab and went to where the driver was.  He unloaded his trailer and my container off the delivery company’s cab and set it up on his.  He had to get back to Portland so he drove the truck back to his shop in Texas with the intention of having one of his guys drive it straight through to me.

The universe works in mysterious ways.   Upon getting to the shop it was discovered that while it was on the delivery company’s cab, parked, someone had stolen fuses, etc. from the fuse box.  Zach had his guys repair it all and Saturday afternoon Zach’s guy drove out of the shop on the way directly to me.  It had to get through Louisiana before the permit expired again so timing was now critical. 

So what did I need to do to get ready since it was finally really coming?  I decided that since I could not level the gravel as well as I wanted to that I could build a version on railroad ties to site the container on temporarily until I could get it up on the piers.  So I got 2″x6″x4′ pressure treated wood.  I figure if I stacked them two together then I would have four 4″x6″x4′ chunks of wood to sit the corners on.

It was drizzling rain on and off when I arrived but I went for it anyhow.  I put up my fold-able sawhorses and laid out the wood.  I measured and marked the boards, put the clamps on to hold them tight and began to drill the holes and then drive the screws in.  I didn’t do any finishing work like trim the boards even on each end. They weren’t pretty or perfect but they would serve the purpose.  I had 4 extra boards just in case I needed to slide them on top of the 2 board stack.  I finished just in time to get the stacked boards wrapped in a tarp before the rain turned from drizzling to heavy storming.

The other thing I did do during the week was continue to peek at the property from my Reolink solar camera.  It did retain charge throughout the week and I got to watch it during early morning sunrise and evening sunsets.  I continued to get batter at managing the camera remotely.  I was hoping to be able to adjust the camera and the solar panel this Sunday.  But I ran out of time so I had to let that go.

I posted videos, on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel, of the temporary wood blocks I assembled for the delivery driver to sit the container on and as always my exciting end of the day report with Gracie. Feel free check it all out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

We are moving into the first week of July now and the game is still to be living on the property THIS Summer!!  LOL. The TankaBox shipping container tiny home shell is really really on it’s way after Zach rescued his trailer and my container from the trucking company.. I spoke to the driver, David, today and he is in Florida.  Tomorrow AM I am off to the property bright and early to meet him there for the delivery at 9 AM.  If nothing gets in the way then the container should be sitting on my property tomorrow.  I will definitely be taking videos and photos and bring them back to you so you can follow along and enjoy this BIG victory with me.

As always, I send you FREEDOM and LOVE!



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