Then I Found It!

I had been looking for months.  Zillow, Zillow, Zillow.  Traveling hundreds of miles further & further North looking at properties.  The prices kept going up.  The interest rates kept going up. I knew what I wanted … kinda’.

That day I had 5 properties to look at.  This was the second one … it completely called to me!!! It had all the right things … 10 acres, a paved road, electricity near by, horse ranches & animal farms near by but still only about 15 minutes to stores, emergency clinics, vets, etc.

I still had 3 to see … so I drove on … took wrong turn, ended up with my Miata (yep, that is my rural vehicle at the moment) stuck completely in the sand on a dirt road in the middle of no where.  By the time I got towed out It was just soooooo clear that I didn’t need to look anymore … I had found it!

I put in the offer & ventured onto the O-so-fun process of getting a land loan! If any of you are self-employed then you know how interesting this can be to find a no-doc loan of this kind.  Now add to it that people are buying in Florida like crazy & prices & interest rates are sky high.  I will be forever grateful to my amazing friends who also stepped in with their professional capacities to hold my hand through it all and make it happen (Nair: my mortgage broker & Davis: my real estate agent … Gawd bless you both for all you did … way above the call of duty … and for not walking out on my nervous, crazy-ass self along the way!!!)

I closed on the property on Friday, January 13!  Go figure!!


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