How did I Get Here??

I am a lifetime condo dweller.  From Florida to New York & back again I have lived in tall, multiple family buildings.  The last 12 years I have lived on floors higher than the 24th floor directly overlooking the Atlantic ocean.  A year ago I moved from South Florida to the Mid-West coast of Florida … thinking I would simply trade my condo on the Ocean for a condo on the Gulf of Mexico. I had no idea I would end up with 10 acres of land off the coast & further north in Florida (I don’t do cold well … and even though it may still be warmer than most places in the world, it is about 20 degrees cooler than S Florida was).  

In Jan 2023 prices were kinda normal (for Florida).  By the time I moved in April it was a very different picture. Prices had soared and suddenly I was looking at condos smaller than my balcony back on the Ocean with a around-the-corner/maybe view of the Gulf for 3x the amount of money. As people talked to me I began to consider living in a house … more space, a little yard to play with … novel idea.  However, house prices had skyrocketed too … so it was more like a tiny bungalow, way off the beach with a postage stamp yard.

Then it began to happen … I began looking at homes with more property, further off coast, further north … suddenly, before I knew it … I was looking at undeveloped land in acre measurements vs sq foot measurements.  As the transition happened, a little at a time, I was suddenly hit by the way the Universe leads me surprisingly and clearly down the perfect path.

I had been working, throughout the pandemic, on creating We Artistic Women, a global platform for Artistic Women.  It was a life mission that I was close to launching. My true dream has been to launch WAW on-line and then to create a real physical component to it where I could hold retreats and create a space that women artists could collect, create together and possibly even form a living community together. THAT was why I was being pointed to purchasing land. If not now … as they say … when??? I am 65, at 5’2″ & 90 lbs, and regardless how I physically look, I am healthy as hell and feel about 30 ( and ….if you knew would you might sometimes wonder if I have matured past 15) … but, bottom line … I am not getting chronologically younger. 

Now is the time.  I have a legacy to leave, a mission I have been on … and it looks like I am going to be launching both the on-line version & the IRL (in real life) version of We Artistic Women all at once!



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