Forestry Mulching Happens

OK, this was, by far, the best weekend ever!!! 

After a worthwhile wait, Jeremiah and Lacey from The Tree Shop was finally able to come to the property to forestry mulch about 2 acres of the property.  I found The Tree Shop on YouTube back in January.  Right before I closed on the property I spoke with Lacey for the 1st time.  She was AMAZING.  She was so patient with me and all my questions and I knew they were the ones who were going to Forestry Mulch the property. 

Since then I have been slowly hand clearing little paths on the property just so I could get a better view of things and determine where I wanted to get started with a temporary dwelling for me and a place to build my permanent dwelling.  When I finally contacted Lacey again she remembered me (whattttttt????) and gave me all the next steps.  My friend (and General Contractor) Nair came to the property and we looked at it together and decided what we wanted cleared so I was able to finalize things with Lacey and set a date for her and Jeremiah to bring their CAT mulcher and do the work.   I also blessed and thanked all the trees that would be taken down and promised them I would use their mulch for good and to honor them.

I had been counting days (& then hours) up to this weekend. Like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Now it was here.  Saturday morning, bright and early, the big blue Tree Shop truck rounded the corner and out hops Lacey and Jeremiah. OK, I.  already loved them from YouTube and my interactions with Lacey but here they were in person. I was now officially in love.  What an amazing couple! They were both so friendly and warm AND knew their stuff.

Jeremiah got in that Cat and away he went while Lacey and I watched him head off to the place of the 1st drive into the property.  I, in my 5 year old fashion followed behind, trying to catch every video I could from behind Jeremiah. Bless him, he had to actually stop the Cat at one point and let me know that “If I can see you, I can hurt you and I don’t want to hurt you”.  I obediently (well as possible for me) stayed away from the flying debris and let him work from that point on.

Within hours he had cleared the 1st drive into the property and the biggest of the 2 areas.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you I was blown away.  He had done such a great job … handled everything I envisioned and even more.  He left me some little tree clumps and opened up this whole beautiful space.  For the first time I now had not just 10 acres of woods but a large area of cleared land that was usable and build-able. Tears welled up in my eyes as I walked into the opening from the path the first time.

Then suddenly around the corner comes Nair and her family, Mable and little Zoe. OMG they took time out of their day to be there with me on this o-so special day!!!!   What a treat, and just in time to see the first area cleared.

Then, for Jeremiah, it was off to the 2nd smaller area up in the NE corner where I thought I could build my permanent dwelling.  Away Jeremiah went again mulching out a beautiful winding curved path and up to that corner.  All I could hear was the purrrrrring of his Cat & the sound of trees hitting the ground and being eaten up by the mulch-er.  Within a few more hours he had finished mulching down that area too.

The path to the area was beautiful just by itself. It weaved through the trees, leaving woods on each side and the smell of the fresh cut pines was exquisite.  It move up a slight elevation as it approached the opening.  Jeremiah has put the opening in the highest point on the property (which is kinda funny in flat Florida … but nevertheless LOL).  Once again he left little islands of tree clumps and he made sure he stayed a distance from my two neighbors so that I have not only privacy coming up the path but from them.

All I could do was make the sounds of being thrilled and in awe for a while.  Home.  I could see my home in that 2nd open area.  Perched on my corner, a little elevated, I would be able to look out over the whole property. Land … not woods … but, land surrounded by woods.

The day was perfect in every way!  I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate Jeremiah and Lacey.  I will put the link to The Tree Shop below because anyone in Florida who needs forestry mulching or land clearing THEY are THE people to do it.

After Jeremiah & Lacey left I said goodby to Nair, Mable and Zoe and took off my boots and drove home singing the whole way.  I would come back the next day to take photos and drone videos.

Sunday I headed back to the property with Gracie and Birdie, the drone.  I wandered the property, taking videos and taking breaks under trees.  It was a hot Florida day.  I didn’t care.  I explored every foot of the cleared areas.  Jeremiah did such a great job. He has a great eye for how to create the property through his mulching.  He even left me my favorite twisted weird tree.

There was a barrier of wooded trees between the two cleared areas and I navigated through it easily. It made for a great way to get from one area to the other but left privacy between them. I can hand clear it more so it makes for easier access.

Gracie rested under trees and even hung from several trees (always placed so she could see me LOL). Birdie was less than cooperative at times but she seemed to be warming up to me some, even though I am a horrible novice pilot. One of the best parts of the day was putting Gracie down on the ground and watching her scamper around on the cleared land. That baby has been living in condos, carried in sling bags and on a leash her whole life. She had a blast running around. A fence will be in order for her once we are living on the property.  I never want her limited again!

As for videos, I forgot to record Birdie’s flights in several spots but I did manage to get some good aerial views.  I have placed them all on YouTube.  You can get there by clicking HERE !

I can truly say that my vision for the whole property is confirmed now.  It is a lot of beautiful land.  Land to create on. Land for a community. Land to be peaceful on.  Sacred Sovereign land for We Artistic Women to be on. Mine. My new home.

Next week I come back to hand clear the little tree clumps and the path from one area to another.  As for the property, the steps are to get permits for a temporary electric pole and to get a well drilled.  I also think I have found a tiny home builder who will build with a fully off-grid/solar system, for my temporary dwelling. Onward & Upward!!  Everything gets to roll now!!!

Til Next week …

As Promised: To get to The Tree Shop YouTube click HERE


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