Energy IS Moving the Power Company


Those of you that know me know I believe in the power of our energy to move mountains.  I really have so much proof, in my life and the lives of others, that when we align with out Higher Self, co-create things with that Source and then take actions aligned with it … that stuff happens.  I also know that Source/the Universe/Higher Self works with Divine timing … always knowing what is for my good and the good of all … vs. on our human time assumptions. Thus, my year long request, that I be given patience and grace to wait when I need to wait. LOL

Friday, the Universe said it was time to move forward, and I finally got a call back from the Duke Energy engineer that he had returned to the property, redone the plans, marked the pole the electricity would come from , marked the entrance on my property and marked where the transformer would go. He sent me the drawings of everything and an invoice to get things moving. 

We spoke and, of course, there were a few requirements I had to meet before we could get the job scheduled.  I needed to get a 10′ path cleared before he would schedule the job.  This wasn’t just a mulch clearing, it was a full clearing … trees, stumps, everything. Seems if the contractors Duke hires comes there and there are any obstacles to them excavating a trench to place the underground cabling in they will walk off & I will need to reschedule and re-start the clock.  Now, you KNOW I am not going to let that happen.

I immediately got the drawings to Guardian Fencing as Jason is going to do the clearing.  Jason and I spoke and he got all the facts and said he’d get out there and look and get it started. BAM.  LOVE me Jason & Liz from Guardian … they are amazing!!!

The other piece Duke needs is for my electrician to put his station in before Duke starts the job so Duke’s other engineers can lead the cable from their transformer to my electrician’s station.  Another snafu since my electrician naturally wanted to make one trip and hook up Duke to the home and the well.  Now that timing was going to be off. I spoke to my electrician Roger at Kennedy Electric and he was great, as always, with me.  When I get the schedule from Duke he will come out and do his part and then come back and hook everything to the home & well, IF the home hasn’t been set on the property yet!  Whew. I just kept talking to the Universe through it all!!  I paid Duke’s $10K+ invoice and handed it all to the Universe.

When I got to the property on Sunday there were all of Duke’s markings and stakes just like the photos he had sent me. OMG … signs of power coming to the property. All the energy I had collected and focused on having things move forward again were at play.  Energy had moved the power company! LOL So after seeing all the markings and the big stake where Duke would put the transformer I jumped up and down and took videos and spent the day in gratitude as I worked. 

The day itself was another clear beautiful Fall Florida day.  Cool enough for Gracie and I to not drop, from heat stroke, as I went about my tasks for the day.  AS I drove the windy path to check everything out along the proposed electrical path I spotted some metal trash I had seen when I was first on the property but hadn’t be able to find again since them.  I guess the sun must have been hitting it just right so I cleared my way to it and drug a big long piece of sheet metal and a 36″ metal cylinder to the truck and hauled it to the trash pile I had started by the double fence.

That was perfect since the big chore of the day was to go back to that trash pile, by the double fence, and begin to break down all that trash and get it into heavy duty contractor trash bags so I can get it hauled off. Away I went with my axe and hammer and cutters. I chopped and banged and shredded wood and suitcases and foam seat cushions and plastic stuff until I finally had 6 bags filled.  Did I get it all done?  Nop. But I clearly needed to stop and do a few more things on the property and re-think how to handle some of the remaining items next week. Nevertheless, I was proud of my work.

I then went to the home area and played get-the-roaches-out so I could get under the tarp and try out a few new tricks to repel those little buggie folks who seemed to like hiding under my tarp areas.  I had studied all week about what would naturally repel them.  I found various herbs that are said to work such as: catnip, peppermint, oregano, rosemary & bay leaves.  I also found suggestions of various essential oils that worked such as peppermint/mint oil, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil. 

So i opened my big bags, containers and bottles of herbs and oils.  I spread the peppermint and catnip everywhere around my containers and put the tarp back in place and spread it all over and around the tarp.  Then, just for good measure, and sprayed my water and tea tree oil mixture all over the tarp.  We’ll see next week if it makes a difference. I prefer to repel than kill coz’ I really respect all creature I know each creature serves a purpose on the land (even though they creep me the hell out LOL).

I checked the rainwater collection tank and it had filled a little more and then I did my last project for the day.  I kept hearing chimes in my head when I thought about the property so I listened to all kinds of chimes this past week and picked one that resonated with me and purchased them.  I took the beautiful metal chimes out of their box and hung them in the home area in tree area where I worked and sat the most when on the property.  Gawd, they were beautiful sounding.  The breeze moved through them and they were low and vibrating and I felt my shoulders relax and my heart chakra open. It felt like it was exactly what the land needed.  I could now pack up and head home.

Like I do every week, I have posted videos of this week on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel.  There are videos of my the Rainwater Collection Tank check as always, the partially cleared trash pile, herbs and oils, the chimes and my Exciting End of Day report I include each week. Feel free check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

As for the coming week I will continue to trust the Universe.  I will, with the Universe’s help, continue to move things with Duke and the land clearing so I can get on Duke’s schedule.  Who knows … maybe this week we will get the topographical survey so we can move the permitting … anything IS possible. LOL As always, I welcome any of your energy, sent in anyway you send it in our direction, for Freedom Acres, Gracie and I for all of the continued progress.  It is so much appreciated!!!  Love and freedom to you til next week!

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