Moving Forward Sometimes Looks Like Being Stopped

This Sunday I headed out knowing that I only had a few new tasked to handle. I am waiting for several things to move and in the meantime I am simply trying to stay out of everyone’s way on the property.

I arrived and headed straight to the garden area.  Last week I had found the 100 gal rainwater collection tank crashed by the concrete guys who tried to use my full tank to do part of their job.   I went to work taking the tank apart, emptying it and beginning to clean it out enough that I could dry it out in order to get it in the bed of the truck.  I took the poly pallet over to the area where I had other things stored.  I am  getting everything ready to place in the storage shipping container that will be delivered in this area.

Next I went to the front gate and installed a new street number/address sign on the fence.  It was a small thing but it felt so good to stand back and see the property address visible.  Made me smile to see the official address from the street.  So much of what I get excited about these days, as I keep waiting to be able to live on the property, are little things.  LOL    I am waiting for my Freedom Acres sign, with the logo on it, to arrive this coming week.  I am hoping it is a pretty as I imagine it.

Now it was time to go back to my Greenbriar removal project.  I set out to simply spend the rest of my day freeing up the Live Oak and Pine tress from all of those tricky and thorny Green-briar Vines.  I headed over to the southwest corner where there was one more tree I needed to finish along the fence line.  The game was to calmly go from tree to tree, starting with one that and then continued to move down the windy woods path cleaning as I went. It was a scorcher of a day – felt like full summer – so, it was nice to be under the canopy of the windy path. 

Meanwhile, back to where I am staying now until I can live on the property … I have been planting!  I received 6 sweet potato slips that I ordered, from Southern Exposure, earlier in the year when I thought I’d be on the property by now.  I also was given an Everglades Tomato plant and a Swiss Chard by my friend Heather and an Ice Cream Banana plant by my friend Anita.  I planted all of them in 10 gallon grown bags so I could pick them up by the handles and take them with me when I moved.  I also got some Mexican Mint Marigold plants and placed them in each of the bags to hopefully help repel bugs until I can get everyone in a final place at Freedom Acres.  They all are growing well with new leaves and lots of green happening.

I posted videos, on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel, of the rainwater collection tank before removing it and a little before and after video of a Live Oak tree with Greenbriar vines on it.  Naturally, there was also a video of Gracie with a little green lizzard that popped up. Feel free check it all out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

We are now moving into late May and things are still slooooooooowly moving.  LOL. This week the electrician will come on Wednesday to install a temporary generator hook-up , on the well pump, so the concrete guy can hook his generator up to the well and get water to finish the residential shipping container piers/foundation.  He is coming on Friday to do that!  I also need to try to find a new delivery date for the residential shipping container.


The Game is still, as of now, to be living on the property by June!!  I absolutely will keep praying, chatting with and trusting the Universe.  No matter what it will get done at some point and until then I keep growing plants where I am living, to take there and dreaming about !

As always, I send you LOVE and FREEDOM until then!


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