Moving Forward a Week at a Time

I realized this week that I can only physically push myself so far.  My enthusiasm for all there is to do and moving things forward exceed my physical capability to do things in the Florida sun.  It isn’t that I haven’t seen it already … it is more about determining where the line is before I hit it.  This week I hit it, complete with Dizziness, before I realized it. OK, Universe, I got it!!  Superwoman syndrome needs to back down.

I officially informed my brain that I was going to take the Alpha position now and it would need to take directions from me vs the other way around.  I figure that then I need to immediately hand control over to my HigherSelf/the Universe so I don’t go on brain auto-pilot again.  These human brains are sneaky … they are so good at morphing into a voice that sounds so logical … and quickly move us, in what we think is logical behavior, into overriding our HigherSelf (which, as far as I can tell, focuses on taking care of us).

I still managed to get a lot done …. just at a slower pace and with breaks under the trees accompanied with tons of water.  Basically, I treated myself the way I usually treat Gracie.  LOL  I even pulled out the various natural (non-deet) bug sprays for both Gracie and I.  Nothing got to bug us!

During the week several great things happened. I needed to clear another path, between the two openings I had forestry mulched, in order for the well drilling trucks to get to the property place on the property.  I had gotten a referral from the well drilling guy (Thanks, Chris!) to have the work done.  We connected and he showed up on Tuesday and got it done and did a great job! BAM!! (Thanks, Mike!)

Also, a woman came to the property on Wednesday to take a look at it for the purpose of installing fencing. My neighbors on the North and East sides both have fences. So for now I just need fencing on the South side (real city asphalt road) and the West side (limestone road where I and others will enter into the property).  She sent me a quote to keep the costs as low as possible and advised me that I did not have property line markers on the site.  Gotcha. We will talk again and probably set a date for the work after the well and septic is done … keeping anything from damaging the new fence.

As for septic – I have one company that looks good and another referral for that from the well drilling guy too. In the works.  Electric … welllllll … that seems to be an on-going mystery.  I keep getting referrals but from licensed electricians in other counties and the rule is they have to be licensed in my county.  I know the right person is out there.  This week I will dive deeper into that. Mike gave me a referral (Thanks for that too, Mike).

Notice a trend here?  Good honest people know other good honest people. Chris gave me several good folks and then one of his good folks, Mike, knows good folks. It is how it gets done. I usually am the person who knows people … but I have come to this with no contacts and so just keep following trails.

Some of the work I did on the property this week was to finish movement and handle things for each on-going task happening or coming up at the property.

The well drilling guy had requested that I place some blue colored stakes at the place on the property where we determined the well should go. I bought the stakes, spray painted them blue and placed them on the property.  TaaaDaaaaaa!  Done.

Interestingly enough, just as the fence installation woman had said, my survey corner markers were gone.  I found two of them.  3rd one, that I need for this job, is a big questions mark … they were all there a week ago.  Someone had kindly collected two of them out of the ground and dumped them in one corner of my property.  Hummmmmmm … exactly why I want a fence … to keep others out as much as possible! Who does that??? Someone enjoyed it I am sure. LOL I reset the two markers I found, but am not sure I placed them properly.  I will need to study the survey and get exact measurements and make sure that all three are placed accurately on the properly again next week.

So just for giggles, I also got up a few more Private Property/Warning 24 Hour Video Surveillance signs. Now, the West side, on the limestone road, where I have two paths cut into the property, is completed covered with both paths and one extra place marked with signs. Yeahhhhhhh! Fence and trail cameras will be next items on the security list.

I started collecting trash found on the property … sheets of metal, wiring, cans, bottles, plastic, plastic bags … you name it … it is there. Most of it is very old.  Gawd knows how many people have walked through the woods of the property over the years.  I have been told, by neighbors, that no one has ever actually lived there … but it clearly has been open woods. There is even one place near the limestone woods where someone obviously dumped  a truck load of stuff like tires, an old TV, cushions, a box spring, etc. So, I am collecting it all in one place and will get it all hauled off.

The other task I handled this week was pulling away half of the downed tree that had fallen across one of my cleared paths.  I brought two different tools – a log hook and a steel cant hook, to help me roll and drag this broken tree off to the side. The smaller log hook worked to allow me to drag a lighter, but still large, branch off to the side.  It was at the point, when I was starting to use the larger cant hook to drag the main tree trunk with another heavier branch attached, that I hit my physical limits. LOL.  So note to self: Come back, use the chainsaw to cut it in pieces and drag them off a small manageable piece at a time!

After taking a break, drinking a ton of water, and cooling down with Gracie. I played with Birdie, the drone.  The great news is that we had a BIG breakthrough in our relationship this week.  I must admit that I had done my own internal work throughout the week and spent some time on YouTube University studying how Birdie thinks so that I could understand her better.  I also released my need to control her in some made up “perfect” way.  Relax, have fun together .. stop being so serious about everything! 

Really, the theme here is:  the only thing I need to control is my dependence on my brain patterns.  Everyone and everything else I can let go of and let my HigherSelf/the Universe guide me.  Birdie and I chatted a bit before she lifted off into flight.  Amazingly enough, without me trying to force an outcome and just trusting her to do what she needed to do and be OK, she gently hovered and began following me around the property. Good GrrrrL!!!

She rose above me and the trees and locked onto me and then we took a walk together where she followed along, buzzing quiety up above me like a dear friend that was keeping me in her view to protect me.  She navigated around trees and branches, moved higher and lower in altitude appropriately and we walked from the bigger opening, where I plan to put my temporary dwelling and storage, down the newly cut path into the smaller opening, where I plan on putting my permanent dwelling along with the well and septic, etc.  We then slowly moved back to the larger opening and she lowered her self into my hand under the trees where Gracie and I hang out.  Family reunited!!!

Just because it brought me so much joy I let her spin around the property without me before I called it all a day.  How perfect … she was freed up on Freedom Acres. 

I get so clear, each and every week, that my work on my own freedom is the only way I can contribute to anyone else’s freedom.  It has always been that way.  It always will.  There is no cap to freedom, it is an infinite state of being that can always expand more. I am grateful that I came into this life with freedom as the theme of my soul mission!

As I do every Sunday on the land, I have posted videos on my YouTube Channel from the visit … including the Birdie freedom flights!  Feel free to check them out by clicking HEREAlso feel free to subscribe & you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

The adventure continues even when I am not at the property as I am constantly, when not working with my clients, moving the ball forward. I can’t wait to see how much has happened by the time I get back next week.

I will be back here soon!  In the meantime … I wish you as much freedom as possible!!

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