Christmas Eve Day at Freedom Acres

Christmas Eve day fell on a Sunday and I was really grateful to get the chances to be at Freedom Acres for a bit of a Christmas visit.  So, I headed out early again today in order to hopefully get multiple things accomplished. It “looked” like it would be in the 70s with only a 7% chance of rain which would be a perfect day!  Besides, I just HAD to know if Duke Energy had finished their work!

When I drove past the front of the property I could see some cables and that Duke Energy had been there but couldn’t tell exactly what I had been done.  I calmed myself so I didn’t get too excited about what might be nothing much! LOL

When I got to the gate I normally come in at I continued to keep my cool and went about business as usual.  I did my normal first stop at the Rainwater Collection Tank.  It hadn’t moved much but it didn’t lose any either which was great!  I have confidence in it now and know it will finish filling soon.  There is a tarp area there in the “garden” space with various bags of soil and assorted stakes and gardening things.  One side had either blown up or some creature might have been snooping around. So I carefully banged around, on the top of the tarp, to let any creature that might be inside know I was coming and then readjusted the tarp so everything was covered again. Then I was off to the “home” space”.

As I pulled up, I could see fresh dirt near my electric station that the electrician had installed.  I calmed myself again from getting too excited as I went over to inspect. Low and behold … there had been some action … there was not only fresh dirt but there were now cable connections coming up out of the dirt and attached to the electric station.  I followed the path along … it sure looked like they had dug the trenches and put in the underground cable!!!

As I walked along I came to the area where there had been a stake that said “TRANSFORMER” and now there were two large cables sticking up out of the ground there.  Nothing that “looked like” a transformer … whatever the hell that looks like … but at least cables.  Then I keep following the fresh dirt path to the street area where I had seen the work as I drove by. My heart was already racing because I was so excited but I keep myself as cool as possible til I could see what was there.

I got to the street area and there was a large hole that must be the beginning of the cabling coming out of the pole that had been installed a few weeks ago.  They had built a little cage around it and there was a steel pipe going down into the ground and then in the hole where the ends of the two cables that I had seen sticking up out of the ground at the transformer location. WhoooooooooooooooooooHoooooooooooo we had action happening. It wasn’t complete but it looked like all the cabling had at least been led underground. 

I have no idea what “finished” looks like but my best guess is that they need to finish connecting wires by the pole and they need to finish connecting those wires at the transformer area to something that actually is a transformer.  Sound vague?  Yep, you betcha’!  I have no idea about any of it and I am not certain that I will hear from Duke to even give me a clue when it is done LOL.  All I know if that they are “in progress” at least and I am assuming they will return at some point in time to continue the work.  Gosh, I am getting better and better with not knowing jack about things and just celebrating anything I see that indicates progress.  LOL

I needed to just let it go now so I took on a small task that could be easily done. There had been several pieces of trash and metal objects I had spotted over the last several weeks so I grabbed a trash bag and went around to collect those items. I am sure there is more bottles, cans, metal pieces, etc. that I still will find but at least I got those dumped by the trash pile.

Now I was off to handle my “treat for me” on the property.  Every now and then I gotta buy myself a treat instead of only buying tools.  For my birthday I had gotten myself drums and a Native American style flute (which I have been practicing with I swear). So for my Christmas present to myself I bought myself 4 beautiful black Adirondack chairs to go by the fire pit.  Imagine … being able to actually sit on the property … not on the ground or the tailgate of the Jeep LOL.

I was going to assemble those chairs today and get them where they belonged! Just as I started it began to rain … guess this was the 7% time. Nevertheless I hauled them out of the Jeep and began to assemble them. The first one is always the hardest, but it was beautiful as I took it over and sat it by the fire pit area.  YES!!! After completing that one then I got a bit of a system down pat … unfortunately it kept raining. Out comes the rain coat and I keep moving but my work area just kept getting wetter and the screws were harder to hold onto as the rain kept coming down.

I finally got the second one done and took it over by the fire pit. YES x 2!  They were beautiful!  Just two more I told myself.  The drag was that by now it was getting close to time to leave so I didn’t have to truck home in the rain and the dark.  Could I do it?  I began on the 3rd one … determined … even though now I was slipping around on the cardboard I had put down from the boxes to build on. The best laid plans of mice and women … I got the 3rd one done and placed by the fire pit … and then I knew I had to stop and wrap things up and get on my way home. I at least took a few moments to celebrate my victory and admired how great they looked.  I giggled at the fact that now I could actually have company on the property and treat them kinda’ like company with real chairs and a fire!  I’ll take progress any way I can.

So, I stopped and packed things up and figured I’d get that last chair done next week coz’ I had to get on the road. All-in-all it was a great Christmas Eve day at Freedom Acres! My first Christmas eve day there …. Next year I will get to celebrate the whole Holiday season living on the property. That vision kept me moving and smiling as I drove off the property.  

This week I posted videos, on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel, of the rainwater collection tank weekly update, Dukes progress and, of course, of the three new Adirondack chairs by the fire pit.  Feel free check it all out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

This coming week it seems I will now be again watching the 2 permits and Nair (my GC & friend) and I will continue to do what we need to do each step along the way. The holidays will also continue to slow things down and get in the way LOL.   I’ll be back on New Years Eve Day & we’ll see what we have by then.  I have two guests, who are in Florida from Seattle, coming to pay me a visit and see the property and I am soooooooo excited about that. Note that they can now sit and visit with me LOL.

As always, I welcome any of your good mojo, energy, vibration and or prayers, sent in anyway you send it, in our direction, for Freedom Acres, Gracie and I for all of the continued progress.  It is more appreciated each step along the way!! In the meantime:  Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate that and Love and Freedom to you all til I come back next week!



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