Big News … Things ARE Happening

Things keep moving … as life does … in the most miraculous ways!! 

This week, I have continued to hand clear paths on the property in order to locate where the best place would be for me to place my dwelling and my temporary dwelling while the REAL dwelling gets built.  The land is not heavily wooded but in order to get through with my wheelbarrow/cart I am needing to cut through some bramble, vines and weeds.

But, just to go back in time a little, last week I had the company of Nair, my friend who was the mortgage broker that helped me get the land loan.  She also is a General Contractor so she is going to putting on that hat as we move towards building.  We walked the property together and decided on several locations to begin clearing (properly called Forestry Mulching).  Plus, we talked about clearing two dives into the property … two half circles … one on the north side and one on the south side. That way we could get to whole property with trucks, etc.

As for MIRACLES … before we went, Nair announced to me, by phone, that she would pay for the initial land clearing to get things started.  Those that know me know that my receiving capabilities are a little limited LOL.  I am a “Thank you and I can do it myself.” kind of woman. Some might even call me stubborn when it comes to this (facepalm). Nair knew to block this by telling me that I could not resist, could not say no and could not ask why, I stared at the phone with my eyes welling up from the experience of gratitude in the face of such generosity. There was nothing left to say but, “Thank you”.

So, there we were last week, her fist time on the property, making the plans together.  Then, I sent my land drawings off to the company that will do the land clearing, we agreed on a price and Nair put down the deposit.  More shout-outs for the Land Clearing company coming soon!!.  I now have a date … April 15th (yep, some of you will get the irony of beginning to clear the land on USA Tax day).

Can I just tell you how VERY VERY EXCITED I AM????  The land clearing is the first BIG step of many.  Next we can get the temporary electric pole dropped on the edge of the property and order the well drilling (I know I am going off grid but must have electricity to get started with.) THEN … drum roll please …. I can get my temporary dwelling on the property. (READ THAT LIKE: I can begin living on the property!!!! WHOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!)

Fast forward back to this this Sunday which was all in prep for the land clearing.  I wandered back through the property where I had been marking my trail with orange marking tape and began to put more stakes down with yellow and green tape to designate the areas.  I did some light path clearing just to get through from one area to another.  Mostly I just continued to take in the land emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As I become more and more familiar with the land my creative process of visioning outward is off the hook now.

Travel Trailer, small Modular home, Manufactured Home, Shipping Containers, Safari Tent??? (OK, Nair said no to the tent, LOL) … all I need is a small space I can live and work from as we continue to figure things out a step at a time.  The problem is not having too few choices … the problem is having too many.

I will also need a structure to store my stuff in (tools, and few possessions I have in storage now). Investigating it all … but leaning towards several shipping containers, which would be great for storage and then potentially to build out for my final dwelling and other dwellings for women artists as part of the We Artistic Women community.  Who know where this all ends up … I am letting my Higher Self guide me and keeping my impatient brain at bay as much as possible (that is an enormous task I might add).

The lists continue: Lists of people who are offering their help (like Loren, the Master Gardener), lists of articles and YouTube videos on how to do things, lists of design ideas, lists of drones to buy (LOL, O-For Gawd’s Sake), lists, lists, lists. And through it all, I just keep smiling and laughing and giggling!  THIS IS HAPPENING.




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