And … Now We Have a Septic System!!

This week’s theme is the newly installed septic system! Now let’s get real …. would any previous version of me have ever been excited about a septic system???? NO! But the current me is soooooo damn excited about it … LOL!  Face it … it is an important part of this new life on the property! And … obviously it is another biggie checked off the list of basic things to get done to move onto the property!  Funny thing is that it is rather interesting and pretty at the moment with the ground cleared, the orange-ish dirt, the fresh teal pipe marking the tank and the other white pipes marking the system and the drain field.  Not exactly sacred geometry but clean and organized at least. The organizer/perfectionist in me appreciates that a lot!

So with the two big pieces done (the well and the septic) I spent time re-measuring the area for the shipping container home and marking it again and then drove around in Athie, the Jeep admiring the area from every angle possible.  Each piece that gets done allows me to envision it all more and makes it more real.

The next part of the adventure now is the electricity.  That will tie it all together and make it all hummmmmm.  That has been a mystery from the start. Six months ago I called various power companies in the area, insistently I might add, trying to find the one that would service my property.  The property is in an unincorporated part of Citrus county so, I was bounced from power company to power company … no one seemingly responsible for it.  I finally ended up with who I thought was the right company.  Now, here we are at this moment when I need the engineers to come to the property to spec out the work to be done to get a pole on the land.  After several rounds of getting nowhere I finally spoke with engineers at the company and guess whatttttttttttt?  Their boundary stops a few blocks away from me. BUT, they told me who to call finally.

So with fresh hope I dialed up Duke energy and low-and-behold this time (I had spoken to them before and was told “not us”) I got through to the new construction client department and they said: “YES it is us.” !!!!!!  So, now it seems I need to fill out forms with answers to their questions, get them a site plan and they will then schedule that engineer to come to the property.  Could it be this easyyyyyyyyy suddenly?  We’ll see and I get to remain hopeful!!!  I’ll let you know when I know LOL.

As for other work on the property this week … we have a storm named Idalia headed in our direction.  I am a rarity … I was actually born and raised in Florida.  That means that I am a bit jaded when it comes to storms in general and hurricanes in particular.  I play the game of being prepared for the worst but always create the best … knowing that it is rarely either … mostly it falls somewhere in the middle. The good news is I am far enough off the coast and my property is high enough that unless it is a direct hit the property is probably OK since one of the most dangerous things in Florida is the storm surges that happen on the coasts.

I have very little on the property at this point … containers of water, a shovel, a fire rings, etc. – most of it fits in a 55 gal waterproof container on the property.  So, I simply spent some time getting everything secured and covered it all with a tarp and staked it all down.  I am assuming the septic system and the well are OK.  I guess when I am back in 2 weeks I will get to see what actually happens.  There is a part of me that wishes I were living on the property already as it is probably safer than where I am currently living in Saint Petersburg which is on the Gulf coast right in the path of the storm, as of this moment..  Another piece of life that I get to trust to the Universe.

The final part of the day was checking the o-so-interesting 100 Gal Rainwater Collection Tank.  She is still standing and had collected more rainwater.  My guess is that it is up to about 10 -12 Gallons at this point.  Certainly the upcoming storm will prove how well she stands and, if she does, it should provide a chance to collect a ton of rainwater.  I can’t wait to see how she does!

Now that things are moving again on the property I find myself dwelling on the visuals and the energy that is in the future for the property and for Gracie and I.  There is a softness to the energy among all the seemingly roughness of the the land that hadn’t been tended to before.  Mother Gaia is soooooooooo present.  The little various colors of the weed flowers, the birds, the butterflies … all so welcoming and ready for me to join them and begin taking care of them as they take care of me.  There is a feminine energy waiting to be tapped into … it is palatable. I can feel the creativity that is waiting.  I envision artistic women sitting together around fires talking and making art together and being one with nature. So much has been about the work to get this all going and I am more and more able to tap into the purpose of the land and the community it gets to hold and inspire.

As usual, I have posted videos of this whole adventure on the Freedom Acres YouTube Channel.  This week there are videos of the septic system, a tour of the whole living area with the septic, the well and markers for the shipping container home, the tarp protection for the storm and of course Gracie making guest appearances in various videos.  Feel free check them out by clicking HEREAlso, feel free to subscribe and you can get notified when new videos go up! 🙂

I won’t be at the property this coming Sunday so between now and then I will keep things moving.  I will get the power company moving and get the engineers scheduled and be able to get estimates for the power pole to get installed and the electrician to bring the power to a power station on the property that we can hook the well, septic and home to.  We will also get the overall permit in for the shipping container home and the storage shipping container which will enable me to get final estimates for the 2  concrete foundations we need for those shipping containers and get that work scheduled.  Who knows how fast things will go but everything is moving forward.  Please do keep sending good MoJo to Freedom Acres and Gracie and I for the storm and all of the continued progress.  It is so much appreciated!!! Til the next time!!






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